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I had the pleasure of going to the theater twice this week.  Last Sunday I saw a children’s theater production of Fiddler on the Roof, starring Jude Lipkin as Tevya and his nine-year-old sister, Simone. Simone played various roles, including Grandma Tzeitel, and sang a duet with her brother. Eleven-year-old Jude, filled the stage with his passionate, convincing portrayal of the patriarch of a family with three daughters of marriageable age during challenging and difficult times in early twentieth century Russia. Simone, in character, sang and danced throughout the play with confidence, competence and presence.  They, and the rest of the children, inspired me.  I wouldn’t have the courage or stamina to act, sing and dance in front of an audience for six performances, as they did.

Last night, I saw eighty-six year old actor Estelle Parsons play the role of Alexandra in the dark comedy, The Velocity of Autumn, on Broadway.  Alexandra was fighting for the right to live her declining years the way she wanted to.  Overwrought, Alexandra says, “I’m losing myself”, lamenting her inability to do the things that added pleasure to her life.  Facetiously, she says, “Every part of me makes a different sound when it moves”.

It was awe-inspiring to see this seasoned actor give a ninety-minute performance in a two-person play, remembering her lines, and doing it night after night. What a joy and inspiration it is to see people living their lives to the fullest at any age.

I’m inspired by my classmates in our Training for Transformation Life Coaching class, who are willing to step outside their comfort zone, expanding and enriching their lives.  We get to practice new skills.  We must find clients who are willing to take a chance on us as we facilitate their desire to reach beyond their known world, in order to live fuller, richer lives. And, in doing so, we get to celebrate and inspire ourselves!

I’ve finally written after a long unwanted hiatus. This morning I’ve inspired myself!!

What inspires you?


Barbara Plasker, EdD

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