Hi! Welcome to Developing Wisdom, a blog about learning to believe in yourself, about developing trust and taking advantage of your own personal treasure trove of life experience. It’s a blog about transformation. Though we can’t change a duck into a swan, we can transform a self-limiting duck into an empowered one.

Who am I? Call me a late bloomer and a personal growth junkie. Thirty-five years ago I realized that I was a stranger to myself. It hit me that if I didn’t make some changes I was doomed to a life of battling my weight, people pleasing, and continuously pursuing goals that never satisfied me. I longed for a purpose-driven life that had me fulfilling my potential and feeling good.

Thirty-five years later, at the grand age of 70, I can say I’ve come home to myself. It took hard work and a commitment to personal transformation but now I enjoy honest and open relationships with my children and grandchildren, a satisfying career, and a deep spiritual connection with a God of my understanding. Today I am accepting of my imperfections and take life one day at a time.

My life’s journey has included surviving cancer, recovering from compulsive overeating, codependency and low self esteem, and enduring the heartbreak of losing my husband to Alzheimer’s disease. In addition to being a survivor I am a teacher, a coach and a woman who celebrates life.

In Developing Wisdom I hope to inspire others by sharing what I’ve learned. I offer practical solutions to anyone with similar issues who is ready to change their lives. I used to think that if I found the right program, seminar, or self-help book it would happen.

Like the cat who thought happiness was in his tail, I went round in circles pursuing the magical solution that would give me what I was seeking—a life free of pain and suffering and the freedom to be myself.

Now I know there is no magic. It is up to each of us to transform ourselves by implementing simple, recommended solutions, letting go of our habitual and established ways of being and integrating new ideas. It is simple, but not easy, and we don’t have to do it alone. Join me in developing wisdom!

Barbara Plasker, EdD
Developing Wisdom