If we could tune into someone else’s radio-mind to hear what stations are playing we would find their core beliefs. They explain why our results aren’t always what we consciously say we want.  Let’s call this destructive radio voice, “Buster”. Buster unconsciously directs our actions in most areas of our lives and is responsible for the way we sabotage ourselves.  On a level hidden from our conscious mind we don’t believe we deserve what we say we want and Buster works relentlessly to be right.

John and Mary

Johnny wants better relationships but his Core Belief is that the world is a hostile place so he is always on guard. In order to protect himself, he is either defensive or aggressive with friends and family.  He acts the same way at work.

When he walks into a room of strangers he is energetically drawn to anyone with a hostile attitude.  If someone he meets is not hostile, he finds a way to provoke them.  Because of this belief and his behavior based on this belief, people respond to him in hostile ways.  At the end of the day Buster tells him: See I am right.  The world is a hostile place.

Mary believes the world is a friendly place, so she treats her friends, family and colleagues with a warm and open attitude.  She welcomes new people into her world. If she meets someone with a hostile attitude, she seeks out common ground and turns them into friends. People respond in kind and she gets to be right.

Core beliefs can be either negative or positive.  They provide the flavor for each slice of our life. 

Negative Core Beliefs Affirmative Core Beliefs
Life is a struggle Life is a wonderful adventure
I’m not good enough I do enough, I have enough, I am enough
People abuse me People support me.
I don’t trust myself. I believe in myself.
Good things happen to others, not me. I act in ways to empower myself.
I’m trapped with no way out My mind is open to new possibilities every day.
I’m invisible I have a voice and it’s safe to use it.
People discount me I attract positive people.


What would it take to change Johnny’s belief (The world is a hostile place.) to an affirmative one: The world is a friendly place?

Our unconscious belief system controls us.  In a negative belief system affirmations are alien and don’t fit anywhere. Before we can integrate an affirmation we must tune into our neutral observer and become aware of Buster. Once we are clear about and accept that Buster exists and has an agenda, we are no longer compelled to follow it.  At any point in time we have a choice.  Do we allow Buster to sabotage us or can we choose to pursue what we truly want?

 What core beliefs are preventing you from having what you want?